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I think the original intent of this picture got lost somewhere in the process.
safe1588463 artist:zutheskunk188 applejack160041 fluttershy199946 pinkie pie204592 rainbow dash221137 rarity171260 twilight sparkle284113 earth pony206511 pony860237 unicorn274641 absurd resolution63710 bacon313 behaving like a cat1972 comic101580 dialogue59699 eating8807 food62340 meat1711 pan135 pointy ponies3155 ponies eating meat894 puffy cheeks3569 rarity looking at food94 shocked5978 simple background349899 vector71396 white background87466 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2258 you need jesus10


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is look real becon be a vegi one! plus fluttershy know some animal eat other animal! and she know is nature! she not get scare of it for long time! yes she scare of this! is celestia who tell her of this were celestia to clowddale! fluttershy a learn of all of animal so she know some eat plant, some eat meat and some eat both!
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@Background Pony #DDDF

Equines being opportunistic carnivores is canon to real life. Cervidae and Bovinae too.

On the farm I grew up on, the horses especially loved eating caterpillars and frogs off of trees. I once even saw a mare steal an injured squirrel from a hawk.

Horses would definitely love bacon for it's salt content.
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bacon around here is so awful. it's literally 90% lard. you fry it, and you get maybe a few fragments of pork if you're lucky, and the rest is just burned fat. why not just fry lard then, and eat that?

no the secret to paradise around here is finding lightly salted, unflavored, sliced ham, and putting it in the toaster oven until it sizzles.
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Just a flurry of H₂O
I don't know, hundreds? Those are just from crawling a couple pages of my upvoted [rarity] pics here. There's [rarachnid], plus of course [tatzlarity], [raricorn], [raribot], [raricow], [mermarity], and the numerous other species/race-swap tags for her; [crab fighting a giant rarity], [and then there's rarity], [rarieyes], [rerity], and similar really weird ones; the innumerable shipping tags and a fair few NSFW ones as well; [beatnik rarity]….
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rarity looking at food? wut?
Also, if you consider the comic canon, then it's canon that ponies eat meat: >>1015840 (trigger warning: Jay Fosgitt)