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semi-grimdark (25122)artist:zutheskunk (186)sweetie belle (44247)pony (711998)unicorn (209831)absurd resolution (61597)accidental death (33)blank flank (6291)closet (207)corpse (644)crushed (94)dark comedy (569)death (4741)dialogue (51369)door (3178)duo (39965)fabric (520)female (773770)filly (51411)floppy ears (41798)ghost (2021)grim reaper (247)instant karma (6)karma (196)mare (343882)note (484)ponified (35134)scythe (684)simple background (294851)spirit (331)sticky note (220)sweetie fail (194)vector (67181)weight (78)


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Background Pony #D941
Good news everyone button mash saved up his INFINITY lives just to give 1 to sweetie Belle ever time she dies
Isn’t that good

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Prometheus labs CEO
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(Previously known as Prometheushunter2)

Death: this is the second dumbest way I’ve seen a person die
Sweetie belle: what was the dumbest
Death: I’ll give you a hint, Russian roulette, semiautomatic
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A Clever Message
I have a feeling this is pretty much the way it’ll go for all the cmc. Death by something ridiculous and easily-avoidable.
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Background Pony #7304
Oh great, she touched the 5 ton weight with a note explicitly telling her not to touch it. Rarity’s gonna kill her for this.
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Background Pony #C468
Well, at least Sweetie Belle didn’t leave a bloody smushed corpse. That would have been even more upsetting.
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Comments25 comments posted