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She’s extremely comfy right now.
safe1770128 artist:alcor1006 applejack174814 earth pony274558 pony1030050 apple16997 applecat122 behaving like a cat2268 clothes482769 comfy233 comfy floof1 cute208069 ear fluff32275 eyes closed100010 female1418820 flexible2202 food74148 jackabetes6337 majestic as fuck1318 mare511139 on back25337 ponified animal photo660 silly7601 silly pony3055 sleeping24155 socks69418 solo1108746 who's a silly pony707 zzz2536


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My god, Cat AND stockings!?!?
That’s, like… three or four of the top things in a single image!
What are numbers!?
I haven’t slept all night!
Awesome image!