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safe (1521428) artist:aleximusprime (1285) flash sentry (11673) twilight sparkle (274029) oc (572477) oc:blackgryph0n (78) alicorn (183557) pegasus (220904) pony (796045) book (29210) female (845627) flashlight (2503) heart (41223) jealous (1071) looking back (46258) looking down (6165) looking up (13247) love triangle (373) male (287957) mare (386450) shipping (176745) smiling (202011) stallion (85977) straight (117171) tree (25971) trio (6710) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110895)


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Background Pony #DFBB
Detailed description:
Species/gender:Pegasus Male
Gryph was born and raised in Equestria, and joined the Brony Community once he was old enough. Although he is sometimes perceived as overly stiff and stoic by his fellow fans, he can be rather silly and playful around those he knows well. He is in a poly relationship with Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry.
Background Pony #DA92
flash dont like somepony try to mese with his mare! twilight who be wait flash by read her new book who flash give to her two day a go!( i am sure she finish and read i again!) not see this guy come and try seduse her, twilight feel uncomfortable of this! think as her place! you wait you boy friend but a guy you dont know try to seduse you! what you will feel? me? uncomfortable! my boy friend will cheat him! if i be a girl or be twilight! but lucky for twilight flash not think this! but he still dont like it!