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semi-grimdark (24348)artist:smoldix (173)oc (524568)oc:filly anon (1944)oc only (363525)earth pony (147891)pony (695323)attempted suicide (48)chest fluff (25699)crying (35727)cutie mark (33866)ear fluff (17765)eyes closed (67883)female (758946)filly (50433)foal (12382)greentext (1078)gun (12347)handgun (1920)hooves (14677)horse problems (82)leg fluff (1743)pistol (1599)simple background (290422)sitting (46037)solo (875102)suicidal (59)text (40512)tfw (74)transparent background (151667)weapon (22794)


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Sciencepone of Science!
@Background Pony #43FB
Like the CMC! Who will be their cool new tea party and dress-up friend if not you?!

she starts trying even harder to pull the trigger

Okay, bad example! But – Twilight loves you!

even worse

I do! – you’re very snugglable and cute –

even WORSE

OKAY, jeez, who do you want to snuggle and love you?!
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