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suggestive (122246) artist:dilarus (1846) moondancer (4135) twilight sparkle (274207) alicorn (183721) pony (796838) unicorn (242730) book (29220) dialogue (56548) female (846350) implied cunnilingus (483) implied oral (1492) implied sex (5038) lesbian (88960) mare (386904) monochrome (142347) shipping (176850) simple background (324187) sketch (56805) tongue out (84886) twidancer (292) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110992) white background (81195)


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Apparently it can be one of three different measuring units, but the most relevant one is the one for beer: nine imperial gallons, or about 10.8 US ones. (The other two are for solids, not liquids.)

I'm a bit amused, a bit squicked, and impressed somebody out there knows what the hell a firkin is. More so if there's a stealthy pun there like I suspect.
Background Pony #75FD
Moondancer isn't going to be able to feel her anything, after this is over.