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Some cannon Luna :31h
safe1705086 artist:magnaluna1021 princess luna99080 alicorn224216 pony966341 cheek fluff5548 chest fluff39082 cloud30685 crown16904 cute199575 ear fluff29506 female1361828 fluffy14239 flying38107 horseshoes2204 jewelry63500 leg fluff3030 lunabetes3540 magic73208 mare479907 night26320 open mouth145555 peytral3545 regalia19887 s1 luna7279 shoulder fluff1808 smiling248030 solo1063204 stars15592 wing fluff1626


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Background Pony #A4A0
Very silly, off-topic question, but why are things like this still saved as jpeg to this day?

Either way, nice to see more S1 Luna. Thumbs-up to the artist!