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safe (1457859)artist:hioshiru (919)oc (539524)oc:kate (294)oc:kej (212)oc only (370721)pegasus (197726)pony (723294)unicorn (215126)bed (32081)book (27720)cheek fluff (3315)chest fluff (26911)chips (602)chromatic aberration (1262)computer (5089)couple (4001)cup (4810)cute (153816)dresser (186)duo (40665)ear fluff (18803)eyes closed (69917)female (785006)fluffy (11749)food (52989)hug (23120)k+k (176)laptop computer (1836)leg fluff (1868)macbook (50)male (266868)mare (350595)moon (19363)mountain (3855)mug (3189)night (20003)ocbetes (3474)picture (1030)pillow (13226)shoulder fluff (1211)skyline (114)sleeping (19653)snacks (115)stallion (76573)straight (111743)wing fluff (1286)winghug (2398)

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10 comments posted

I agree, I’m not just jealous of Hioshiru, I am God damn jealous of these two ponies, simply for the amount of happiness they experience together. In the bedroom and out of it.

It’s rare to come across this amount of genuine love and care. Truly, their tale has been crafted with just as much care and love by their creator.

Major kudos for that, Hio, you are one in a million, and you have my undying loyalty.