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Looks like BonBon was all set to enjoy a nice big bowl of her namesake candies, but her marefriend clearly had other ideas.
Some LyraBon silliness. Even though it cliche as heck it's still of my all time favorite mlp ships.
suggestive (120063) artist:puffydearlysmith (21) bon bon (15109) sweetie drops (15084) pony (778186) blushing (164429) bon blob (54) bon bon is not amused (949) bon butt (117) candy (5763) chocolate (2742) fat (18650) female (825056) food (55882) implied lesbian (2779) implied lyra (93) implied lyrabon (89) implied shipping (3931) lesbian (87210) solo (924371) the ass was fat (11735) unamused (12295)


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