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 In Woona’s defense that ass has the weight of a dying sun.   
safe (1374583)artist:flicker-show (324)princess celestia (81088)princess luna (85688)absurd res (60477)alicorn (152568)anthro (191313)barefoot (20767)belly button (57471)breasts (190169)buttercup and courage the cowardly dog (1)buttercup (powerpuff girls) (135)clothes (337723)courage the cowardly dog (159)cute (138838)dialogue (46595)disney (1966)feet (28104)female (707932)funny (2962)lilo and stitch (138)lilo pelekai (16)midriff (15678)movie reference (403)nani pelekai (11)pants (8884)plantigrade anthro (21062)shirt (15894)short shirt (989)simple background (276681)speech bubble (15258)traditional art (91701)woona (4704)


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #4B35
Celestia play with luna by fake it her lost of gravity! big brother/sister toy with thier little brother/sister! i know this , my twin big brother toy with with most the time! is not be easy! but i love my family! and i can cont on my brother were i need them!
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Background Pony #7598
Celestia’s butt is made of neutronium? …no, I think I prefer to think of it as having a nice comfy layer of cake-derived padding, thanks.
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