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For crying out loud, PLEASE stop arguing about this stuff. I love AJ as much as the other girls, but she's not a background pony and she doesn't need another episode. Rarity is in the exact same boat and she deserves it just as much as AJ. I'm sick of it. How many members of the main cast should suffer so your favorite gets the spotlight? How many members of the main cast could the show live without because some of you don't like them?

And don't get me started on the whining about Flurry Heart, because it wasn't her episode. If you thought it was, you missed the part where it was Twilight acting like an idiot and learning something. To say nothing of the fact that change isn't bad and new characters prevent things from getting stale.
Background Pony #D85D
Applejack always has been a background pony. And for good reason, she is the most irritating and least interesting of all of them. Even Zecora has more of a story than AJ.
Background Pony #C2B9
I'm pretty sure it's from season 1; I recall seeing the jokes about her being a background pony being bandied about during my early days in the fandom, though they really took off after "The Last Roundup".
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What's with this "background pony Applejack" thing? Are there people who really are dumb enough to not understand she's one of the main characters? Or this is one of the oldest (and lamest) MLP-related jokes?
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AJ's sad that Flurry Heart is already a more interesting character than she is after 6 seasons.
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But… the Flurry Heart episode was the third one of the season. Almost none of the characters have had episodes dedicated to them yet.
Why are you singling out AJ?
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Actually, AJ had quite a few episodes, and really good ones, post-MMC.

This "background pony" treatment of her is only perpetuated by the fandom. I don't think it was ever operative in canon, actually.