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You give Fluttershy a shirt.
The shirt wins.

Twilight: >>1422322
Pinkie Pie: >>1422324
Applejack: >>1422810
Rainbow Dash: >>1422811
Rarity: >>1422812
safe1726075 artist:alcor999 fluttershy214772 pegasus299599 pony986338 :o3821 alcor is trying to murder us16 blushing200829 cheek fluff5714 clothes466833 cute202752 daaaaaaaaaaaw4508 dialogue66480 female1380474 hiding1452 hnnng2464 looking at you171945 looking up16819 open mouth149736 oversized clothes327 precious105 prone25910 shirt25490 shy4216 shyabetes14174 smol647 solo1077460 weapons-grade cute3732


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Background Pony #3332
"Excuse me, Sir? I bought this shirt here the other day and….well, there seems to be a tiny yellow pegasus in it!"

Flutter: squeak

"On second thought…I'll keep it. And her."
Background Pony #D5D3
Hmmm, that's pretty strange…have you lost weight?

(Fluttershy): — m — Don't push it!
Background Pony #C630
I wanna hold her and hug her and play with her and wash her and hug her and dry her and hug her and hug her.