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It begins.
First attepmt at a proper comic, with like plot and stuff! As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated and is guaranteed to be used to improve the comic and/or fuel my fragile ego into improving the comic! With any luck and people’s approval, it will could might be quite lengthy and, hopefully, full of goodness that’s pleasing to your eyes and other organs. Apologies to those of my fans and yet-to be fans who for some reason aren’t into humanXpone though, because this here comic is gonna be entirely and only that. To everyone else, enjoy!
safe1753010 artist:alcor1005 carrot top5569 cherry berry2207 golden harvest5569 lyra heartstrings30113 rarity185821 twilight sparkle306467 oc713062 oc:anon11926 alicorn233268 human159132 pony1012723 comic:display of passion147 anonymous660 apple16790 blushing204997 carrot2161 comic111591 dialogue68149 ear fluff31298 female1404046 floppy ears54658 food73115 hand9068 implied estrus49 it begins267 male388774 speech bubble24447 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126299


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Background Pony #20A6
Is wondering why I’m tagged this, when I just voiced the dubbed version..XD
Posted Report
Background Pony #4723
Fucking finally a comic with anon, thank you alcpr you glorious bastard can’t wait to see what this becomes