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It begins.
First attepmt at a proper comic, with like plot and stuff! As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated and is guaranteed to be used to improve the comic and/or fuel my fragile ego into improving the comic! With any luck and people’s approval, it will could might be quite lengthy and, hopefully, full of goodness that’s pleasing to your eyes and other organs. Apologies to those of my fans and yet-to be fans who for some reason aren’t into humanXpone though, because this here comic is gonna be entirely and only that. To everyone else, enjoy!
safe1994962 artist:alcor1182 carrot top5871 cherry berry2396 golden harvest5873 lyra heartstrings32361 rarity204875 twilight sparkle335805 oc849105 oc:anon13158 alicorn278883 human209080 pony1347755 comic:display of passion150 anonymous684 apple19357 blushing242549 carrot2546 comic125408 dialogue81933 ear fluff42598 female1625179 floppy ears65388 food89365 hand11023 implied estrus55 it begins317 male469184 speech bubble33016 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139773


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Background Pony #20A6
Is wondering why I’m tagged this, when I just voiced the dubbed version..XD
Background Pony #4723
Fucking finally a comic with anon, thank you alcpr you glorious bastard can’t wait to see what this becomes