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Hyperborean Flurry

Unlike her Equusian counterpart — Princess Polymnia, or the 'canon' Flurry — Flurry is mortal, and a pegasus. The orange in her colour palette reflects her mother; Lady Mi Amore Cadenza has orange instead of purple in all applicable instances (hair, eyes, wings).

A more sunrise-y palette works well for Flurry, I think.
safe (1520555) artist:australian-senior (302) princess flurry heart (5968) pegasus (220548) pony (795139) kirindos (267) alternate design (1990) alternate hairstyle (22917) alternate universe (7978) bow (22433) chest fluff (29819) colored hooves (4048) cute (166814) female (844605) filly (56519) gradient background (10201) hair bow (12172) solo (935618)


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