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Phew! That was close! Twilight was gonna squish her like an aunt!

safe2118754 artist:zanezandell272 boysenberry222 princess flurry heart9228 spike90688 twilight sparkle349908 alicorn302871 dragon81365 pony1479832 a flurry of emotions1354 g41930929 breaking the fourth wall1315 butt219270 comic132255 force field825 hammer2200 horsey hives36 magic93776 magic bubble182 mallet233 plot136117 tv-y357 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146077 worst aunt ever5


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Silver Dis-Astḗr
Don’t worry, that magic bubble of Flurry’s should be mallet proof.
Only one way to find out, though.
If the shield is too effective, it will sent FH bouncing through the room (just like Pinkie Pie in the episode were FH was conceived); until she destroy a wall, exits through a window/door, or smash one of the sick fillies [maybe that was the concern of Spike about infanticide, since Twilight may had done something similar with him, who survived it just because he is a sturdy baby dragon].
Background Pony #B255
No Twilight, don’t go all Scar and her. (I’m referring to Scar from The Lion King by the way.)
Background Pony #4668
…“like an aunt?” Do your aunts squish stuff a lot? Or do you mean they get squished with cartoon mallets?
And yes, this is funny.