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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I just had this dry cleaned this last morniiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!

What am I’m gonna wear to the cruise trip nooowwwww???!!!

Well, you could wear this old official uniform to the ship!  


WHAT?! Don’t look at me!! It’s a legit traditional sailor uniform from the 1700s!! You’re the one who’s making it look pervy!!

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suggestive (112915)artist:meiyeezhu (290)rarity (157418)human (130601)ppov (816)admiration (36)anime (3555)bath (2166)bathing (767)bathroom (1471)bathtub (1245)belt (3605)bow (19303)breasts (203147)bubble (3654)bubble bath (257)busty rarity (9418)buttons (204)chair (4937)claw foot bathtub (212)clothes (355057)clumsy (169)comic (89355)costume (21625)curtains (1280)distracted (81)dress (34964)falling (2244)faucet (70)female (758466)gloves (14252)hat (64598)horned humanization (5770)humanized (87967)humming (39)injured (2750)mirror (4080)music notes (2519)nudity (294265)old master q (358)oops (360)puddle (806)raristocrat (93)reference (3198)reflection (2471)rose dewitt bukater (82)shoes (24014)singing (5171)soaked (98)sparkles (3318)splash (275)suit (4296)sun hat (579)titanic (298)towel (2883)traditional art (96248)tripped (52)tripping (234)tub (85)unlucky (25)vanity (33)water (9838)wet (6185)wet hair (570)white suit (5)window (5973)


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Background Pony #1C38
Can you parody the strip where Master Q is a magician’s assistant (the Magician is the bald moustached guy who’s often Master Q’s boss) who’s act is balancing lots of stuff with his hands and mouth dispite the Magician struggling with his act while performing even though Master Q does it more better backstage?
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Background Pony #DC53
Maybe storing your fanciest cloths in the bathroom and getting changed in there when you’re easily distracted is a bad idea. That or knee high bathtubs are a safety hazard. Either way, how is she gonna meet Applejack on the titanic now that her dress is ruined?
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