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Another edition of this post with some suggested adjustments.
There are another version without Starlight animation, which was done before this one. You can find it in previous edit if you want.
If this will be treated as a post duplicating, well, i wouldn’t mind.
safe (938579)artist:bobthedalek (473)edit (40558)editor:totallynotanoob (6)starlight glimmer (12581)trixie (34986)all bottled up (676)spoiler:s07e02 (676)animated (55588)clothes (185196)costume (11954)cup (1629)cute (69132)diatrixes (720)edited edit (665)female (47820)funny (1798)happy (11325)mare (22778)pony (56421)simple background (115499)stressed (53)teacup (929)teapot (382)that pony sure does love teacups (76)unamused (4791)unicorn (38818)white background (20712)
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