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safe1658597 artist:ponyecho240 princess celestia93102 alicorn215215 human150230 pony922767 behaving like a cat2093 bellyrubs1085 catlestia40 chest fluff36508 cute192547 cutelestia3491 dark souls670 duo56785 eyes closed88332 female1321577 hand8406 human on pony petting117 interspecies21985 lying down14445 mare458310 misleading thumbnail1061 missing accessory7899 on back23670 ponyecho is trying to murder us21 praise the sun2008 show accurate13787 smiling235828 solaire of astora123 true love princesses77


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The Abyss
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I couldn't help but write a small story based off of this wonderful pic. :P