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Want to see more of my fusions? Click here!How did I come up with this? "Wow, Galaxy, what if you just fused a crap ton of blue characters? Yes, that totally works!"When Sonata Dusk, Sugarcoat, Mystery Mint, and Trixie Lulamoon fuse, they combine into Icebreaker Polyphony. 3 eyes, 4 arms, 3 legs. Polyphony means "Combining a number of individual but harmonizing melodies", similar to how fusion combines indiduals. Obviously as more characaters fuse, the harder it is for that fusion to be compatible and stable. Icebreaker is relatively stable. Mystery enjoys talking with both Sonata and Trixie; Sonata is too dumb to care when Trixie and Sugarcoat mock Sonata together. Icebreaker, as her name might suggest, is very chill. She likes chewing gum and giving sarcastic responses to idiotic questions. She has an excellent knowledge of music, since 3 of her compenents are musicians. Aside from singing and sarcasm, Icebreaker doesn't talk much.*puts thought into the personality of a fusion that would have a .000001% of occuring in canon*My Little Pony, Equestria Girls, and canon characters belong to HasbroBases belong to SelenaEde
safe1676617 artist:berrypunchrules423 mystery mint908 sonata dusk13291 sugarcoat3274 trixie66365 equestria girls196222 boots21185 bracelet9053 clothes448935 extra legs57 firecracker52 four arms57 fusion5048 glasses60219 hands behind back1467 high heel boots5323 high heels10780 jacket12148 jewelry60730 multiple arms233 multiple legs60 multiple limbs186 pendant1734 ponytail17332 scarf22815 spikes713 third eye212 three legged38 tights621


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