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explicit326728 artist:dimwitdog1677 princess ember5964 dragon50819 anthro239875 gauntlet of fire1431 absurd resolution64251 anal insertion7858 anus89721 bloodstone scepter837 blushing182338 breasts253832 clothes425399 dialogue60916 dildo13176 dildo sitting1389 female1284935 horsecock dildo989 insertion16083 nipples151324 nudity343199 sex toy23821 solo1002437 solo female171490 stockings29765 sweat24199 thigh highs30435 tight fit382 vulva117037


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Ponies are like tubes, they don't have organs, only a giant vagina and an asshole that conects directly with their mouth… also, they're very elastic.
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Look at that tight little slit, you can tell she doesn't get fucked much. I love ladies with perfect little slits like that, like a split peach.

That's my fetish. Yes it is.
Neko Majin C
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They cannot all be Mister Fantastic. Some must be Plastic Man, or Elastigirl or Professor Impossible, or even Stretch Armstrong, and possibly Monkey D. Luffy.