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after a tiring day of photograph camotail and femzy take the progression bottle to return to there old ages but frenzy wanted to wait after a nap the take his gulp, he wanted to see if the phrase slept like a foal had any merit so every pony takes a nap, an hour later little cruithne is the first to wake and is parched, after failing to wake mommy she toddles around to find a drink, she comes across the blue and red vessels the tall one were drinking out of. cruithne try’s the blue one but it was empty so she turns to the red vessel there was enough for a mouth full and a stallion "GULP" 
safe (1446900)artist:evilfrenzy (450)oc (533717)oc:cruithne (38)oc only (368044)alicorn (167838)pony (714631)absurd resolution (61643)alicorn oc (18244)baby (7753)baby pony (5461)diaper (10955)female (776352)filly (51625)imminent transformation (24)offspring (29215)parent:oc:frenzy (38)parent:princess luna (1683)parents:canon x oc (1546)solo (887625)


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