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'H-he loves them… no really! He just has some bad memories from when he was a grub and they're freaking him out a bit.

While the new king rebuilds the changeling empire he meets with the youngest of hive. Though they are Chrysalis' offspring he will love them as his own.'


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Young Leosword
@Prometheus labs CEO
Well, the show hasn’t addressed what limitations if any changelings possess, which of course means nothing to fan artists who are free to make up whatever rules they wish for any species. ;3
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Starlight: You know, Thorax? Since these larvae don't have parents, we should raise them ourselves.
Thorax: Yeah, at least 'til they're old enough to be on their own. OH! I wanna be the mom!
Starlight: I don't think you can be the mom, Thorax, because you never clean up after you molt.
Thorax: You're right. If I was a mom, *notices his leftover epidermis* this would be kinda shocking… just call me Daddy!
Background Pony #1A63
To me Thorax is just as adorable as before because he now has the role and potential to be adorable with other changelings as well, as their king/surrogate daddo changeling. As King Cinnamon Roll, it's his duty to initiate snuggles and cute things.

Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
As a user of this term myself, say no more. Done and done with all relevant artworks I could find.

Thorax has the perfect personality to be Best Dad material, and frankly the idea of Thorax taking on a surrogate dad persona with not just the grubs but all the reformed changelings gives me diabeetus.
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That "Boop Edit" guy
Im thinking. Maybe all changelings are born in this creepy, black form and have to learn how to be nice and share love, so they can turn into their reformed form. Like ponies with their cutie marks.