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safe1573129 artist:senseidezzy546 snails5140 oc603697 oc:aero332 pegasus238901 pony844036 comic:when aero met glitter95 absurd resolution63920 aero replies188 aeroshell65 alternate hairstyle24391 blood22538 blushing175451 canon x oc21964 chair5853 clothes408222 colt13298 comic101230 crossdressing8638 cute176800 date799 femboy7939 gay25215 glitter shell731 headband2887 heart eyes13979 hoodie12278 male304827 nervous5016 nosebleed2160 offspring34304 parent:derpy hooves793 parent:oc:warden301 parents:canon x oc1801 parents:warderp303 scarf21086 shipping183701 skirt35563 socks56656 stockings28592 sugarcube corner1951 table8174 thigh highs28286 tumblr35520 waifu1218 wingding eyes19112


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Background Pony #5221
@Background Pony #A0EB
But hasn't this blog gone on for like 5 years. I thought Glitter was Trans from the get go, then I recently found out turns out just questioning. And I'm so confused because like, it's been 5 years since Glitter Shell started right?
Background Pony #A655
@Background Pony #7902
I think it may be better to keep let the story unfold itself. The way I see it… when we read both blogs we're living their lifes, both Aero and Glitter, we're not reading a medical/whatever kind of report so I suppose that no one supposed to know the truth before these characters discover themselves

People who understand these feelings will clarify them to others, it's best way to keep exploring
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@Background Pony #7902
It's probably best if you let people figure it out on their own, you and dezzy have already given bucket-loads of hints/foreshadowing regarding possible revelations about glitter and aero. Besides directly stating it would ruin all the fun aspect of figuring it out. But if you feel you want to explain/clarify about what glitter and aero are/identify as go ahead, its your choice.
Background Pony #75C9
Part of me wants to come out and clarify everything, but then the rest of me remembered people will always still be confused.

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@Background Pony #31D6

Both characters like dressing up in women's clothes. It's not clear if they just like to cross dress, be effeminate, or actually are transgender. The characters are still figuring that out.

And right now, neither of them knows this about the other.