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You know it to be true.


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This is why I don't like labels :P

I want everyone to be okay with liking whoever they want without worrying if it makes them "this" or "that" :D
Average S. Wordsmith

Anonymous Sadist
If you think about it, traps are a sexual paradox. If you're into them, then you're attracted to their female appearance, but also to their male body. This creates an anomaly wherein you are both straight and gay at the same time. If you aren't bi, this can possibly have troubling implications on your sexuality.

Then again, we're looking at pictures of crossdressing horse people, so that stuff is probably all irrelevant anyway.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well if a drawn character is made to look like female then naturally straight (and bi) males would find it attractive since it's the visual things that make them look attractive, not the knowledge that the person is female.

Futa/dickgirl/whatever you call it, is also mostly enjoyed by straight males while gay males tend to like more these "cuntboys" that are males with female genitalia.

Of course if a male likes traps and feminine males only and has no interest in females then that sure is gay.
Marvelous TK

i mean, there's a difference between 'feminine' and 'female'. cats are typically considered to be more feminine, and dogs more masculine, despite them having both genders. so being attracted to feminine guys is still being attracted to guys, yeah