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3D Printed Lithophane Nightlamps

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Some lights can only shine in the darkness.


Luna only vector (no background): >>1399747 /
safe1749213 artist:starlessnight2287 princess luna100743 alicorn232682 pony1009405 absurd resolution67008 blue background5510 chest fluff41132 colored wings6520 colored wingtips1702 constellation781 crescent moon1923 ear fluff31134 female1400787 fluffy14693 flying39382 frown23545 galaxy mane1173 glowing4598 gradient background13374 lidded eyes31753 looking down9299 mare501638 missing accessory8371 moon24085 simple background408730 solo1093580 spread wings56984 stars16263 tangible heavenly object1363 vector77835 wings122849


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