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safe1755061 artist:gaminggoru14 amethyst star2629 applejack173612 bon bon16705 cloud kicker2099 daisy2599 derpy hooves50827 flower wishes2471 fluttershy217638 lemon hearts2238 lyra heartstrings30131 minuette5974 pinkie pie220567 rainbow dash238998 rarity185998 sparkler2483 spike80611 sweetie drops16704 twilight sparkle306663 equestria girls207802 friendship is magic3047 absurd resolution67061 boots23017 clothes477329 comic111664 cowboy hat17297 denim skirt1653 dialogue68226 equestria girls interpretation579 equestria girls-ified10163 flying39539 golden oaks library5240 hat90699 hot sauce123 japanese8402 leg warmers2579 library3294 mane six32647 meeting164 name404 party1887 pleated skirt4077 ponyville6092 scene interpretation8860 shoes38911 skirt41196 stetson5057 wings123900


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