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explicit409996 artist:otakuap381 discord34501 fluttershy235695 twilight sparkle329964 alicorn269587 draconequus16478 pegasus394576 pony1294619 abdominal bulge7890 alley392 book38742 caught3889 clothes549212 collar40586 creampie37763 cum92143 discoshy3305 drool29735 dumpster133 ear piercing34737 exhibitionism11129 eyeshadow21870 female1578337 greaser70 library3671 magic85112 makeup29991 male450125 mare603478 nudity444091 penetration72509 penis184032 piercing52271 pompadour84 public sex4052 punk2655 raised eyebrow7763 raised hoof58583 sex145751 shipping227042 spiked collar1536 spiked wristband1662 spread wings73104 stealth sex1130 straight157059 tears of pleasure978 thrill of almost being caught631 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137253 vaginal48077 wings168867 wristband4429


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Smutty Clop Writer
Wow! That naughty little filly! Fluttershy really is quite the lewd one! Fucking around with Discord right in Twilight’s library and under her muzzle! =3

Offensive. Please ban.
I like to imagine how this conversation went.  
FLUTZ: I have this embarrassing little fantasy…about getting fucked in an alley! >//<  
DISCORD: Done!  
FLUTZ: But can we somehow do it somewhere private? You can do that, right?  
DISCORD: thinks…grins Absolutely…..Just don’t ask where.  
FLUTZ: Done!