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Alicorn privilege
safe1584824 artist:buttersprinkle305 princess celestia89725 princess luna94159 alicorn199229 pony855160 :t3586 alternate hairstyle24786 banana1868 bananalestia157 barbell193 cheating212 clothes414024 dialogue59510 do you even lift148 duo50463 duo female7949 female1184626 food62083 hoodie12421 levitation10711 lidded eyes27127 lifting498 magic66466 mare426217 meme78974 open mouth125029 ponytail15931 royal sisters3959 s1 luna6948 sunglasses13148 telekinesis24806 weights327 ye olde butcherede englishe92 you're such a cheater bro10


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27 comments posted

David Key
Luna: dost thou even lift
Me: yeah lifts a huge freight train with my pinky, picking up the entire train of the ground

I don't think this is considered "cheating". Lifting object with magic takes a toll on the mind's endurance levels until fatigue kicks in. That is why many unicorns were needed to shift the sun and moon until the alicorns sisters took the position.

But I am sure most should know this. I am wondering ifnI should remove the tag labeled "cheating" and the other tag as my reason sees it as misinforming. Any objections?
Background Pony #91D4
Yes, I do lift, unlike you girls.

And no, using your magic to lift it doesn't count. Lift it with your mouth.
Background Pony #D8FA
Lol, magic.

And what is that, a 200 pound barbell maybe? That's bitchshit.

Gay Viking
Yes I do, I even use my actual body instead of magic, maybe you should try getting on my level sometime princess.
Background Pony #8353
Q: Where do alicorns get their tremendous powers and longevity?
A: Diet and exercise!