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Frenzys mom was looking through old foal photos of him an his sister as she starts to get chocked up she remembers she has a new daughter "Femzy" and felt upset that she'll never have foal photos of her or will she.

as mothers day rolls around and all her children have all come to visit Fenzys mom has a proposal for them as her mothers day gift. she managed to purchase some age changing potions from Zecora and persuades her kids to take the potion so she can take tons of foal photos for Femzys sake. frenzy was apprehensive at first due to a particular poison joke incident put he soon harmed up to the idea when his mom gives him the puppy pout. so now they have the hole day of age regressing and photography such loving kids.
safe1615970 artist:evilfrenzy483 derpy hooves48647 princess luna95520 oc627304 oc:cruithne38 oc:femzy17 oc:frenzy145 alicorn206136 pony883699 unicorn285366 absurd resolution64306 age regression1345 baby9894 baby pony6200 camera3692 cute186299 diaper12651 diaper package138 ear piercing23159 earring18954 foal15112 fruna66 jewelry55298 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna2026 parents:fruna33 piercing36978 scrunchy face6841


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