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Used Excel to create a population analysis. The most interesting things it turned up:
* There is over 1500 unique ponies on the show. Add non-pony characters, those from the comics and other official media, that’s a lot of characters! are there any other works with this many unique characters?
* The Female:Male Ratio is about 6:5, a lot smaller than we in the fandom have come to expect. The Filly:Colt Ratios are closer to what we expected, is that more indicative?
* Earth Ponies make up nearly 60% of the population, while Unicorns and Pegasi each make up 20%, that’s 3 Earth ponies for every 1 other race.

Any objections to this math? If you think you have a more accurate population estimate, do post. First time to my knowledge a population analysis has been made for the show. Let’s see what we can do with it.

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I think the reason most BG ponies are earth ponies is simple laziness. If the script doesn’t explicitly give a race, no one’s gonna be bothered to spend the extra 86 minutes to render a scene with 11 more layers than is absolutely necessary.
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I don’t understand the comparison between the age groups and genders pie chart. How can 44% of the population be male, but in age group both stallions and colts make up 36% of the pie?
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The alicorns was only referred to as unicorns until season 3.
If you’re only basing this on the show, then Cadence has never been confirmed being a Pegasus.
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Either your pie chart for age or the statistic you wrote down next to it is wrong with the filly to colt ratio. You wrote 5:2 but the chart shows 3:2.
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