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Don’t ask me about the OC (Raxx), it’s my friends’. If you’re looking for an explanation:Rarity found Raxx’s nature to be appealing, and often tries to chase him, with Raxx trying to avoid her. (You could say their relationship is similar to Sonic and Amy’s)To those who celebrate, all have a Happy Holidays! Keep your bellies full, your stockings stuffed, and your house littered with torn wrapping paper.
safe (1145828)artist:atomiclance (54)pinkie pie (158865)rarity (129740)oc (382957)oc:raxx (1)anthro (152027)christmas lights (637)christmas tree (1916)crossover (44227)glowing horn (7025)levitation (5357)magic (41318)miles "tails" prower (537)mistletoe (1136)plantigrade anthro (17059)psychic powers (23)silver the hedgehog (233)sonicified (446)sonic the hedgehog (series) (5570)telekinesis (13132)tree (14202)


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