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Editing this in now, since this used to be blank, before I got banned for "Calling people mean words like shitty" (Arguing better than crybullies and making them cry to mods):

Maybe this "Wah, no drama!" shit shouldn’t be used to censor discussion of the show. Starlight Glimmer is a bad character. She wasn’t redeemed, she was just forgiven over and over again and then handed a shitty season finale a deus ex machina had to save. I’m open to discussion on this topic, but you’ll need a good argument. "Bawww your opinion is different from mine!" is not an argument. Neither is "Duhuhuh your opinion is different from mine!".

Fighting over whether ILoveKimPossibleALot should be punished in some way for exploiting her underlings or not would be drama, discussing the show you’re <i>supposed to be fans of</i> isn’t drama. Why would you even think that? Are Glimmer fans just prone to acting like their favourite pony, yelling "NO DRAMA!" instead of "QUIET!" while getting mad at anyone who inspires free thought?

As for "Eviller than Tirek"…

is an ugly monster born evil and destined to be evil
tried to destroy the world because he’s evil, but his brother turned good, and he was defeated and sent to tartarus
he got out
nonlethally drained magic from ponies
just wanted to feel special, powerful, confident and loved
tried to destroy the world again, and lost
like a bitch
also turned discord to the dark side and betrayed him when he got strong enough to do so.
never did any of the evil stuff discord or starlight or chrysalis did.
Overall rating: Just a big violent dumbass born that way.

is a normal unicorn with a good friend and what seems like a nice village. Wish I grew up in a place that nice.
has incredible magical power… just because someone thought it’d be cool.
lost said childhood friend when he moved away to be somepony, leaving her behind
forgot what letters were
got butthurt
dedicated her life to a crusade against not just magic or unicorns or celestia’s school, but the very concepts of individuality, free will, ability and talent themselves
created a thought-controlling communofascist cult to spread her goals and give her an excuse to leech off her mindslaves
gave her townsponies a fate arguably worse than death
violated ponies on a level not previously thought possible, considering cutie marks are the very culminations of a pony’s destiny, personality, skill, and being
the ones that survived her reign without killing themselves or being executed for being wrongthinkers… wait, that’s a headcanon
told twilight to shut up
tried to brainwash the mane six, heroes of fucking equestria
one of whom is an alicorn, so that’s probably illegal
had her ideology disproven by the heroes shonen-style. If she was redeemable, she’d be redeemed now.
ran away like a bitch
Fucked with the timeline
multiple times
caused hundreds if not thousands of deaths in the war timeline
caused countless deaths in the chrysalis timeline
caused incalculable deaths in so many fucking timelines holy shit what is wrong with glimmer fanboys, her kill score is probably higher than hitler’s at this point
only "Turned good" when Twilight showed her the devastation her fucking with the timeline caused, breaking her "Everything I do is right because I’m perfect" defense and breaking her.
—Note: If you believe in the Many Worlds theory, all those alternate timelines are still existing at the same time and still suffering thanks to Starlight’s actions, which she has shown no real remorse for. Soldiers dying in the crystal war, freedom fighters killed by Nightmare Moon, ponies suffering under her rule, the ponies in Chrysalis’s universe that sacrificed themselves to save Twilight now suffering like only the last members of a defeated resistance can, and so on, these are all still happening while Glimmer gets cake and friendship in the timeline we’re watching. Celestia and Luna are still getting tormented by Discord and the world is still a smoldering wreck, likely created by a broken Celestia that was 8000% done with the shit her world had become. If you don’t believe in the Many Worlds theory, then every time Glimmer screwed with the timeline, everyone you know and love died by getting erased from existence, their reality getting replaced by a new, worse reality every time the timeline was changed. This also means everypony except Twilight and Glimmer post-Timeglimmening are not the ponies you know and love, because those ones were erased by Glimmer and their replacements likely had their lives altered in some tiny way by the butterfly effect.
Supposedly turned good but remained evil and shitty, seeing nothing wrong with her actions and finding it exhausting that everypony hasn’t forgiven her already (Even early-show Korra wasn’t this bad)
brainwashed the mane five because their free thought was triggering her and they were pointing holes in her orders when she wanted to speedrun friendship to impress Twilight. mindrape like this is also probably illegal
Got over her "I don’t want to be the leader ever again! I don’t understand why I do bad things but I do understand that I make a terrible leader!" almost instantly because the writers realized this was a potential avenue for depth and/or character development, and flaws that matter are for ponies not named Suelight.
failed to properly laser/use magic on chrysalis, letting her get away for no reason at all.
Never really learns from her mistakes and doesn’t really know what actual morality is.
Is shilled like there’s no tomorrow and shoved down our throats again and again by bad writers and a worse director, usually at the expense of good storytelling and logic.
Overall rating: Technically worse than hitler, since her kill assist count is higher. Also a massive sue, rather than a cool villain. I always wanted Trixie back and I always wanted a seventh mane six member but NOT LIKE THIS!

Addendum: Kindly stop adding tags like "Drama" and "Drama bait", "You just wanna fight!" isn’t an argument against what I’m saying, it’s a pathetic shut-down attempt. Trying to summon hordes of people to shout "No fighting! No wrongthink!" in my face is also pathetic. Also, stop putting tags about MS Paint on this pic, I made it in Paint dot net. I’m not a whore.
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