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I finally got to shoot my Princess Celestia in a cool location!! I’m so happy I love studio shoots and con stuff (mostly haha) but I LOVE location shoots the best! I really think that a good background really makes a cosplay picture go from good to great it had been a while since I had worn this so I was a little worried about it still fitting nervous laughter cause I’ve gained some weight recently nothing gets me motivated to get fit again like cosplay does  gotta get that body back before I start working on all the revealing cosplays I have planned   Also sorry for not being so active on here recently!! I’ve been very busy with skiing, working on cosplay, and figuring out which grad school to go to! But now that all of that has finished I’ll be much more active on my social medias and will be able to make some really cool and really serious cosplays! I hope you look forward to it Photo by Wiseley Fong! Find him on his Facebook and Instagram! And as always, cosplay by me!! Check out my Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch channel!! 


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