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My Little Pony Season 7 Episode 4 Revealed – Rock Solid Friendship
By: Sethisto

Joining the 3rd episode from earlier, we have an announcement of the 4th complete with synopsis and extra infos! Head on down below for Rock Solid Friendship!

Rock Solid Friendship premieres Saturday, April 29 at 11:30a/10:30c

When Pinkie Pie learns that Maud might move to Ponyville, she does everything she can to make sure her sister sees that it has more to offer than just rocks.

Thanks to Jason and Miak for the heads up.


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I'm outie 5000
The problem I have she revolves around 2 gags: Liking rocks and not showing emotion when she should. Those 2 jokes way, way overstayed their welcome in The Gift of Maud Pie when they went batsh*t with them.
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Bexar Bandito
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I Sell Propane
interesting that after college she would would do what pinkie did and live away from the rock farm, considering that she’d undoubtedly be very helpful to her family business due to her formidable knowledge of geology and immense physical strength. i wonder if it’s for family reasons or career reasons or if ponyville just has really nice rocks. either way, BEST PONY IS MOVING IN! BEST PONY PARTY!

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Comments41 comments posted