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Parents; Garble and Princess Ember
Age; 17
Personality; Arrogant and cocky, Scorch is nothing but the splitting image of his father.  After his mother disappeared one day when he was a young hatchling, Scorch’s father and grandfather were left to raise him by himself.  He’s certainly no different with being competitive and full of himself, using his position as crowned prince for the dragons to win him favors from other dragons.  Sure, he likes the company of the others, but he is true to the word that dragons don’t need friends, and see those who hang around him more as minions.

He has no idea that he has a younger half brother by the name of Talon in Equestria.


INTRODUCING SPYRO I MEAN SCORCH.  Yes, I know he looks like Spyro, but that’s what happens when you mix a blue and red dragon together XD;  I like to think of him as a homage to the old school Spyro who was super cocky and always charging into stuff without thinking.

Also yes.  His mother did leave him and his father for Spike.  Garble’s aware and knows about Scorch’s younger half-brother, but hasn’t told him because he doesn’t want him going off to Equestria to find him.  And he was totally named after his grandpa in a way.  GRANDPA TORCH WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT.

First uploaded to deviantart April 24, 2016


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