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suggestive (82434)artist:thelunarmoon (81)princess celestia (68979)alicorn (100348)anthro (146103)bed (21258)big breasts (34012)bra (8754)breasts (132963)brushing (266)busty princess celestia (5939)cleavage (19697)clothes (245001)curvy (3963)female (409014)huge breasts (13548)monochrome (109957)morning (419)morning ponies (1093)panties (31238)part of a set (4356)plump (4728)praise the sun (1241)sexy (9419)sitting (30008)sketch (39895)smiling (113438)solo (666964)solo female (119331)stupid sexy celestia (759)underwear (36811)
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Do link them in series in the description if you would be so kind, I’d love to follow from this image onward, though doubtless we could just look at your tag and refine by "Celestia".
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