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There’s a ton of Nyx abuse art out there, but little of Aryanne. Time to change that. This is a hand sketch that is painted in.
semi-grimdark30388 artist:equalizer9787 oc713050 oc only466009 oc:aryanne3063 oc:nyx2232 alicorn233266 earth pony266900 pony1012698 alicorn oc27680 antifa34 aryabuse23 blood25287 dark comedy655 dead4335 good praxis1 gun16353 luger67 murder1494 nazi3459 op is a duck4559 punch a racist1 traditional art120423 weapon31473


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Background Pony #28C6
Only 4 images for +aryabuse and they’re all low teir AF.
You’re all slacktavists.  
Where’s the actual hate and vent art?
(Maybe some of us have a fetish in watching her and her kind get snuffed.)
Background Pony #292D
Yes, political violence solves problems, not makes them worse!  
You are definitely not giving any legitimacy to the “nazis”,  
or making martyrs! Who has the most guns? OBVIOUSLY the “progressives”,  
“nazis” are widely known to hate guns and violence!