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I decided to find a balance between safe and norty pics. So Ill be trying to do more stuff like thisin the future. Also, this character really did warrant a pic like this :D
safe (1484776) artist:mricantdraw (216) fizzlepop berrytwist (7022) tempest shadow (13193) anthro (210588) my little pony: the movie (16989) abs (7941) absurd resolution (62329) armor (19876) belly button (62091) broken horn (10986) eye scar (3916) female (809682) midriff (17046) scar (9210) solo (913444) spear (2059) weapon (24403)


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Those abs can stop your heart from a dozen paces.
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*timid squawking*
….That is not how abs are shaped.

Well, it is, but they aren't that small. There is no empty space between the pectoralis majors and the rectus abdominus. :|