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"A while ago I got a request from a guy called ProtoManDelta He wanted a pinup style image of a humanised Rarity I draw years ago

I actually had a bet with a friend that we would accept the first request we ever got. Me, thinking somebody would ask me to "draw their OC", foolishly agreed. Fortunately I think I came off better than he did since the request I got was at least for something human. "

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suggestive148403 artist:ari-66 rarity185571 human158938 absolute cleavage3647 arm behind head6778 armpits43390 beach15932 beach babe720 beach towel633 beauty mark1166 belly button81238 bikini18963 bikini babe738 breasts288664 cleavage35635 clothes475924 cutie mark on human2032 female1401695 humanized101910 lipstick11639 looking at you175655 lying3787 mole329 on back25037 outdoors11606 sand2517 sexy30695 solo1094236 solo female183685 sunbathing447 sunglasses15041 swimsuit29629 teeth10489 tongue out108235 towel3840 white swimsuit135


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Makes sense to me. Tied around her neck and at her hips. Probably taped to her nipples so that she doesn't show off her girls whenever she bends over.

Though, there should be a word for clothing women wear to the beach which is not for swimming. Calling this a "swimsuit" seems wrong, since she would never try to swim in it.
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Yanoo… with the eyes like that, she kinda looks like Blue Diamond.

Which is appropriate, 'cause, y'know, Rarity.

(Her cutie mark.)
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That swimsuit seems rather dangerous. Normally with sling-style suits like that, the bra pieces cross over the breasts so that nothing… pops out. But hey don't let me stop you, Rarity.