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This is my first ever attempt at an animation. Inspired by a computergame project of the monthly brony meetup in Cologne I made a little walking cycle of the meetup mascot Colonia. Six of the seven images used in this walking cycle are based on drawings from a book, but I added a seventh since the gap between the first and the sixth image was too large. I also made sure to add a little motion to the mane and have the eyes open and close as Colonia walks along.

Edit: By now (March 30th, 2017) I have edited the amiation a couple of times to add motion to the mane and reduce some jumpy motions of the forehead and the ears in particular. While it seems not possible to replace the file uploaded to Derpiboru, the source file on Deviantart has by now been changed to display the updated version of this animation.


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If ever you would like to give the meetups a chance you are heartily invited to. While guys (capable as all humans to sweat but most not so negligent as to deserve the label "sweaty") are the majority at the meetups, there are some pegasisters too. With some 60 to 80 people who usually are at the meetups there is hardly a chance not to find some of them to get along with fine. We also got a lot of creative workshops (MLP origami folding, soapstone carving, drawing etc.). So if ever you got nothing to do on the first Saturday of a month you are welcome to drop by (the summer meetups are at the Fühlinger See). But I’ll better stop the advertising now ;-)
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No, you don’t. I don’t visit your meet ups. I’d probably be the only girl around a bunch of sweaty guys, and as a porn artists, that’s really not where I want to be.
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