April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
New Lunar RepublicNLR(43671)
(34235)Solar EmpireSE

Earn points for your team with positive on-site interactions (uploading, commenting, etc). Bad or abusive behavior will lead to punishment and point loss.

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suggestive175746 artist:raps208 twilight sparkle336250 alicorn279619 pony1351913 annoyed6492 blushing243099 butt193605 clothes569725 dock63203 featureless crotch8220 female1628375 glowing horn26073 huge butt13986 large butt26950 magic87823 monochrome165254 nose wrinkle3589 plot120457 rear view18703 simple background514194 socks83528 solo1290943 solo female210555 striped socks25701 telekinesis34883 thigh highs50090 twibutt7692 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139968 white background134888


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