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explicit393564 artist:sugarlesspaints1878 princess luna105788 alicorn257231 pony1228166 anatomically correct27658 anus110369 butt only2617 cervix1960 clitoris31854 dark genitals13271 detailed vagina481 female1519615 full moon3968 gaping3809 gaping vagina1292 inviting754 mare568035 moon26315 moonbutt3987 nudity424416 ponut50895 praise the moon600 solo1197699 solo female197507 spread pussy4293 tape1772 vagina51727 vaginal secretions44122 vulva148356 vulvar winking13803 wallpaper19569 wallpaper for the fearless1911


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Background Pony #1BF8
@Background Pony #443C  
Aren’t pics kinda always suspect nowadays, what with photoshop edits being so common?  
But sure.
Estimated time of completion: ~2 weeks
EDIT: Just realised that if I leave the website adress and logo on it it will literally be a free ad…
Background Pony #1BF8
As for why I asked for an 8k version…  
I have an in with a guy who works in an advertisement company that specialises in…  
Eat your heart out, people who act ballsy with this as a wallpaper,  
imma glue a massive version of this on the billboard outside my window!  
(It’s been empty since like four years back, figure I can use it)
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That's is my fetishes.
@Background Pony #341C  
Thanks! That was very confusing at first xD… I wonder if this can actually eventually replace some of the art already uploaded on this website… there aren’t any rules governing this yet…
Background Pony #B127
There is a difference between CUDA Compute version (GTX 9xx has 5.2) and CUDA version; one is hardware and the other is software. If you have the latest drivers, cuDNN v5.1 for CUDA 8.0 should work. It’s what I’m using on my GTX 970. Download the archive for it, go to cuda/bin and copy cudnn64_5.dll into your waifu2x-caffe directory. Then start it up and click “Check cuDNN”. If it works, you can now enlarge images to your heart’s content :D
Background Pony #B127
It helps a ton if you can get Nvidia’s cuDNN binaries (DLLs) and use that with the program by placing them in the same directory and clicking “Check cuDNN”. Way less VRAM usage so you can scale things up bigger and faster with a larger split size.
Also, I love how we go from Luna’s lovely gaping vagina above to talking about neural networks and GPU tech :D
Background Pony #634D
Could you imagine what it would be like to be small enough to walk through that like a moist hallway and kneel before the tight aperture of her womb?