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safe1726434 artist:road7512 artist:xaski2117 princess luna99871 rarity183585 spike79470 twilight sparkle303028 alicorn228355 dragon57455 pony986710 baby10578 baby dragon1359 blanket5414 collaboration5386 cuddling8472 cute202821 eyes closed95551 female1380831 floppy ears53195 fluffy14418 glowing horn20046 lesbian98065 lunabetes3612 magic74255 male379901 mare490650 mother and son3036 neck nuzzle201 nuzzling4025 on side6758 open mouth149789 plushie24314 prone25918 shipping202786 simple background400828 sleeping23693 smiling254166 snoring680 snuggling6564 spikabetes2063 spikelove1176 spread wings55692 twiabetes12114 twiluna1524 white background100187 wing fluff1654


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