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“video version (higher quality):

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safe1881435 artist:lumineko2855 princess cadance35461 princess celestia101518 princess luna105750 twilight sparkle322286 alicorn257148 pony1227722 :o4557 :t4090 alicorn tetrarchy1130 animated107666 blushing224559 c:1273 cheek to cheek222 crown22288 cute223111 cutedance1395 cutelestia3856 daaaaaaaaaaaw5354 eyes closed111094 female1519165 floppy ears60160 flower30194 frown26494 gif36265 hape396 hnnng2562 hug31863 jewelry81850 lidded eyes35767 lumineko is trying to murder us62 lumineko's nuzzling princesses11 luna is not amused561 lunabetes3844 mare567762 non-consensual nuzzling20 nuzzling4386 one eye closed37137 open mouth179545 patreon13665 patreon logo8995 regalia26154 rubbing1252 smiling303249 snuggling6848 spread wings67153 surprised10524 sweet dreams fuel1794 twiabetes13201 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133620 varying degrees of want866 weapons-grade cute4077 wide eyes18219 wink28173


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Okie dokie thanks 👍
True classics never die, and so here we are. Nice.
Yes to this. 👏
Background Pony #F53C
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