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"video version (higher quality):


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safe1576199 artist:lumineko2725 princess cadance30468 princess celestia90050 princess luna94011 twilight sparkle282833 alicorn195446 pony846262 :o3460 :t3742 alicorn tetrarchy995 animated92028 blushing175986 c:1163 crown13988 cute177527 cutedance1053 cutelestia3220 eyes closed80253 female899852 floppy ears46652 flower22160 frown21654 gif27926 hape344 hnnng2261 hug25490 jewelry50980 lidded eyes25695 lumineko is trying to murder us61 lumineko's nuzzling princesses12 luna is not amused384 lunabetes3165 mare415826 non-consensual nuzzling19 nuzzling3749 one eye closed25231 open mouth123214 patreon12203 patreon logo8883 regalia16318 rubbing1004 smiling215129 snuggling6470 spread wings47848 surprised8063 sweet dreams fuel794 twiabetes10256 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115260 varying degrees of want647 weapons-grade cute3210 wide eyes16190 wink21619


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Watch the Twilightus Sparkleis rub her scent over her three mates. This is how they establish bonds as well as letting others know what belongs to their territory.