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The Sequel. Part II. The Reckoning.

Follow up of:
suggestive145469 artist:lordstormcaller120 princess luna99903 anthro264613 series:the royal sisters saga30 absurd resolution66521 addiction114 belly28973 belly button79476 booty shorts307 breasts283412 chocolate3396 chocolate addict20 chocolate bar105 chocoluna31 cleavage35110 clothes467170 computer6265 exercise695 fat22364 female1381335 food71496 luna loves chocolate31 moonbutt3475 obese11698 overweight379 princess moonpig572 shorts14227 solo1078061 solo female181478 sports bra3298 sports shorts1147 sweat26955 that pony sure does love chocolate33 the ass was fat14020 weight gain4337


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Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Next the computer trainer will just have to give up. "Detecting increased pudge. Fine, you want to be chubby? We'll make you chubby FatPrincess22"
Background Pony #BB4B
A few more exercises on that list, and if she kept at at she would be able to turn into One Punch Mare. I'd miss her lovely hair though.