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source needed15299 safe1749931 artist:elslowmo276 artist:php27675 queen chrysalis35446 changeling49763 changeling queen17678 adorkable3584 braces1343 cute205628 cutealis2172 dork3863 dorkalis176 female1401376 glasses64539 gray background7671 nerd971 orthodontic headgear32 quadrupedal1785 sad25062 simple background408931


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Background Pony #92A5
This doesn't quite work for me, and shriekydonkey is Rose, or whatever the hell she/he is calling himself these days, so just keep it under whatever tag is most used.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

So that's why she went evil.

Got called NEEEEERD in highschool too often.

Didn't they know she'd obviously raise an army of drones to try to devour ponies very friendship and soul in her later years in life (after graduating of course. Needed that diploma.)