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safe1637424 artist:jaeneth62 fluttershy205449 princess ember6109 dragon52023 pegasus265078 pony902732 asphyxiation1452 blushing186155 choking818 crying41515 dragon lord ember1012 dragoness7439 embershy6 falling2579 featured image831 female1303302 flying36118 hug26712 lesbian92959 mare448720 open mouth133100 ponies riding dragons116 riding5114 screaming3144 shipping191287 tears of fear107 this will end in death2284 this will end in pain1845 this will end in tears3228 this will end in tears and/or death2216 this will not end well1523 wide eyes16514


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Kindness is best magic
How can this be tagged with "safe" there are falling down and this will cause at least some injuries.. just joking love this picture :)
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Professional Shitposter

Fear usally makes you forget things xD.
I remember a comic where a winged character was standing off a slope, and somebody pushed her, she had to be rescued beacuse she forgot how to use her wings at that exact moment

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