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"When you're an immortal and indestructible goddess, apathy and gluttony are your only real worries. When you have lived for thousands of years, it is easy to become lazy and fat. Fortunately, a princess can use the Pony Weight Management System to carefully monitor her size, shape, and weight. Its friendship-powered imaging system can detect the slightest increases in fat deposits. Using advanced magical algorithms, it can accurately calculate a user's body fat ratio, identify her problem areas, provide instant feedback, and design custom diet and exercise plans to eliminate excess flab.

Unfortunately, for the system to work, the user must scan herself regularly, and Luna has been slacking off on her daily assessments, not to mention her diet. She should probably think about changing her username at this point."
suggestive148440 artist:lordstormcaller120 princess luna100803 anthro269658 series:the royal sisters saga31 absurd resolution67012 addiction115 belly29555 belly button81340 booty shorts316 breasts288798 chocolate3443 chocolate addict20 chocolate bar107 chocoluna31 chubby13521 clothes476247 computer6358 fat22656 female1402405 food73002 luna loves chocolate31 measuring tape1090 moonbutt3554 overweight383 princess moonpig579 shorts14554 sports bra3518 sports shorts1186 that pony sure does love chocolate34 the ass was fat14242 weight gain4434


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Since it's everyone on this site is brave enough to say what they like i'm gonna say I love fit Luna. Dem buns of steel are sexay. ;)
Background Pony #51F0
Luna just use your magic, what is the use of being a goddess if you can't use magic to change your shape.