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Commission for ScarletSound
1080 Webm (3mb)
4k .MP4 (38mb) (click download)
explicit346339 artist:ralek1257 oc674587 oc only442948 oc:scarlet sound308 oc:turquoise294 pegasus285586 pony952092 ahegao24325 animated97764 backlit34 bed40376 clitoris26835 cowgirl position6929 female1348390 female on top612 gauges310 gif30521 horsecock67593 loop5203 male367364 nudity365562 oc x oc15201 open mouth142518 penetration57260 penis151631 perfect loop1352 piercing40343 riding7425 sex119376 shipping198072 spread wings53814 straight134744 tongue out102292 vaginal38910 vaginal secretions39417 vulva126001 window8372


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Background Pony #85A1
No, I mean, the eroticism of masculinity, the raw sexual power of it, it isn't ever publically appreciated, feminine sexuality is something it's okay to be open about, to explore, etc.- but masculine sexuality in general, be it orientation or the manner in which men are sexual, is all but shunned.

It's a shame because male sex has so much to offer.
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@Background Pony #4824
do you mean the way masculinity is more or less pictured in the straight way? then yes totally sad..
on the other the maledom/ the 'superior' men is such a primitive thing that caused enough bad for women being pictured enough in media as well.
I understand it sure can be a very appealing turn on for quite some but its also questionable depicting it out and testing its limits
Background Pony #85A1
Good, you should question it. Genuine male sexuality is incredible and is not given enough intention by the media. Masculinity is very hot. If Male Sexuality wasn't so poorly treated in popular media I fully believe there'd be a LOT more bisexual people out there.
Background Pony #85A1
Not just a pussy slayer, but a wet hole slayer. Sometimes dry holes. He fucks anything he wants.

Fuckin love him.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

@Ecru Tether
Maybe it's the contrast between animated and static things… like… Turquoise's face does not move. His mouth is shut and everything is still… Except for his eyes. In alot of places on this image there's this kind of contrast. But I don't know. I'm just proposing things Shrug
Ecru Tether

There's just something about Ralek's animations that looks weird to me… But I'll be darned if it doesn't give me the hardest of boners each and every time. Still some of the Best Gif's ever! ♥ Awesome work just as always! Keeping bringing us the lewd ponies~! (To avoid questions on the "weird?" I dunno. Just the Style. Like, horses fucking his hot. It's also weird, but wont stop us fapping to it.)
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -


He looks confident and happy that she's having a good time… And of course, He's enjoying it too!

But I get this feeling that he's watching her like 'She can have her fun, ride me all she wants… ' and then he can finish whichever way he wants, selfishly pound into her as fast and hard as he wants or something..