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Meet Wayfinder, son to Rarity and Gaffer~

While Way may be the younger of the Gaffity kids, he certainly is the most prevalent. A social butterfly with a love of society, he seems to be in everyone’s business, constantly, but no one’s really kicking him out of it either. Way has a fondness for make-up and gems and most things considered effeminate, but it can’t be denied he’s a wonder for ponies of all genders. Way is a jewelry artist, with a knack for gems, making him close to the gem and stone miners of the Pie family, and Paisley, one of Fluttershy and Treehugger’s daughters. Though, it could be said he’s close to most ponies he knows, in one way or another.

Fun facts:
Wayfinder is still the son of a nerd. Born a nerd, always a nerd. He’s just a very pretty nerd.
Wayfinder wasn’t the keenest on social cues as a colt. He was ostracized but never really took the hint. If anything, it ended up helping him learn to be social.
While everyone swears up and down it has to be a weird dye job, Way’s coloration is 100% natural, including his odd little heart-shaped coat mark.
Way took into his beauty habits to try and impress his mother, Rarity. He’s not really sure if he accomplished that.
Way has no gender preference when it comes to romantic interests


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